Hospital Bag Must Haves!

Before I had my baby I scoured Pinterest, my What to Expect book, mom blogs and other moms experiences in order to find out what I should pack in my hospital bag. I saw all kinds of crazy things, pages and pages of lists. All of these lists toting that they were the “Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist” with “essentials” ranging from “8 pairs of underwear in dark colors” to an “dark eye mask and fresh earplugs”.

I’m going to talk about what I used, what I wish I had and what I wish I had more of as well as what my hospital provided.

first things first, what I used:

a duffel bag for it all. i figured a backpack would be too annoying to root around in for a hair tie and I don’t own a big purse.

the basics: ties, hair brush, deodorant, phone charger, your own pillow, change of clothes for you, dad and baby

  • for the change of clothes for mama: loose pants, big underwear, nursing bra or sports bra, button up with tank top or tank top. 
  • for dad: pajama pants or basketball shorts, loose t-shirts, boxers (don’t forget boxers…..we did)
  • for baby: onesie, sleeper, socks, hat, mittens. bring a nb and 0-3 size. I only brought 0-3 and he was swimming. I also forgot a sleeper..and socks. my boy never liked the mittens or hats due to them always falling off his ole head.

the extras: fuzzy socks, slippers, nursing bra (if you’re breastfeeding), snacks, Gatorade

hospital provided: diapers, wipes, blankets, tucks pads, dermoplast spray, formula for supplementing, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, Peri bottle, mesh underwear, pads, gown (which i liked and kept on until I left) 

I wish I had: more snacks! god damn I was starving. hospital food sucks. no matter how good the hospital is, it’s gonna suck.by suck I mean…wow…it really sucks.

nursing bra (I forgot mine and I was breastfeeding, but then again I didn’t put a bra on until we went home, but it was the one I wore throughout my sweaty labor)

unless there’s things you REALLY deem necessary, that’s all i used.


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