First Time Mom

I’ll Get This Done First…

After this I’m going to attempt to post a few times every single day or at least once a day.

Figured I would get the biggest story out of the way first.. my labor story. I mean, this is a “mom blog”.

I worked both jobs as long as I could possibly could. I was working as a sales person at a Ross, then around June I was able to get one of the best jobs in the world as a Pawcierge at a dog hotel. Pawcierge being their sickeningly adorable name for a concierge. I was happiest with this job, especially them hiring me knowing I was around 20 weeks pregnant. Throughout my pregnant I worked full time, Saturday through Wednesday, 2 days at Ross and 3 days at the Pooch Hotel. That was perfect until I was physically, mentally and emotionally drained from working at 7am 5 days a week while dealing with  a growing belly and chronic sinusitis as well as a broken wisdom tooth. I ended up in the ER around week 36 weeks pregnant, I think it was. I ended up taking my leave early from Ross, keeping my 3 days at Pooch which I lasted up until December 4th, mostly because one doctor said he thought they might induce me on December 6th.

My water broke the following Saturday. I was dead asleep at 1:48am, woke up thinking I had to pee and whoooooosh. i had that actual gush of fluid you always see in movies. I looked down and was like…..WAT. my due date wasn’t until Tuesday. I went to the bathroom, trickled a little more, then went to wake up my husband. he just looks at me and says “are you joking?”

cut to about 45 minutes later, we are checked into the hospital where I’m told I’m not in active labor and will be playing the waiting game.

by 7am my contractions were 7 minutes apart. 2-4 minutes by 6pm. they were like that until I ended up in the tub because they hurt so much. oh they were awful. I decided against an epidural before I even found out I was pregnant, mostly because I’ve always heard and read it can cause back pain and due to my already existing back pain, I didn’t want to chance it. So, my birth plan was in the birthing center at the Jacobs Center in La Jolla. Gorgeous hospital, gorgeous room, gorgeous view.

this is the birthing center, complete with the tub in the bottom left corner, this is where I labored for the majority of my labor. unfortunately, I was having a hard time getting this guy out. his heart rate was also dropping between contractions and not recovering. they had to put me on o2 and wheel me down the hall to labor and delivery (pushing during contractions down the hall).

Christopher was born vaginally via vacuum assisted delivery at 12:10am on December 11 after 22 hours of labor, 40 or so minutes of pushing.

Due to a third degree tear and 26 stitches, we didn’t get to stay in the birthing center, but the room we stayed in was also super nice.

Jacobs Center is a beautiful hospital. The nurses and doctors were amazing, so friendly, so helpful and so nice. We were released from the hospital Tuesday afternoon with an appointment with our pediatrician the next day due to a high bilirubin and Christopher losing 10% of his birth weight.

He was perfect. He is perfect.


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