I have a lot of other things I want to write about, but these last 24 hours have been a hell of a feat for my baby boy.

My best friend from high school finally married her boyfriend and they decided to get hitched in Vegas. After a long ass day and bout of whether or not I would even make it, I was finally able to get a ride there and secure someone to watch Chris..me! I was able to bring him with this (my boobs were very grateful for this).

So including the awful traffic we hit, we left San Diego at about 230 and got in Vegas a little before 930. 7 hours in a car with a 3 month old. Thankfully, I know he’s a champ and a trooper. He didn’t disappoint! He stayed awake more than be slept which was surprising, but he didn’t cry once. He’s such a ridiculously well behaved baby. 

While in Vegas, he did get veeeeeeery mad when we left the hotel and were all getting in the car. It was a bit hot in the car. He was crying and making a noise I’d never heard before. Goodness it was so heartbreaking, there’s only so much you cab do with a baby in a car seat. After a solid 6-7 minutes of that awful gutwrenching crying, I finally was able to calm him down with a cool blanket behind his back so he was propped up a little more. He was breathing heavy, but I got some smiles out of that beautiful boy. 

Congratulations Autumn, I’m so excited for this next step in your life. You, Justin, Bryler and Kendra.


1 thought on “Vegaaaas!”

  1. This is freaking awesome sitting at work and reading you posts cause I haven’t checked them out in about a month and I didn’t see this one… thank you very much and I’m glad you came even with my father driving everyone nuts and it being super hot I’m glad you made it love you!


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