Being Pregnant…SUCKED.

Congrats to you moms out there that loved being pregnant. You mom that were glowing and working out, running and doing yoga, 2 eating kale and sleeping a decent amount. Moms that loved every second of being pregnant and get baby fever just to enjoy being pregnant again. Congratulations. I applaud you. I am jealous of you. You’re amazing.

For the moms that hated being pregnant..  oh, I’m right there with you. My pregnancy sucked. It could’ve been worse sure, but for me…it sucked. You’ll always hear that whole it’s beautiful, you’re creating a life, think about the end blahblahblah: it still sucked. Sorry not sorry mamas!

I went to the gym once thinking it would be nice to swim: WRONG. I threw up in the shower after I got out of the pool, after mostly wading around for an hour. I couldn’t do much in the pool because of my sinuses.

Speaking of sinuses, I was sick the last 5 months of my pregnancy… *cue eye roll* I had c4hronic sinusitis while I was pregnant. I was in unbelievable pain! I called out of work so many times. I went home early so many times. I could’t take it. I had never had a sinus infection before let alone ones that lasted for weeks at a time.
The pain was absolutely ridiculous. I found myself up crying at 3am, repeatedly changing ice packs. I finally gave in 2 months into these sinus infections and took some Tylenol (when I was pregnant there were new studies coming out linking taking Tylenol during pregnancy with child behavioral issues and ADHD). I ended up in the ER around 32 weeks because of the pain, it was just too much to take, and my husband was finally like “alright, you’re going, no excuses”. Thank the lord I was able to take Sudafed. Also turned out I needed a wisdom tooth pulled, so I’m sure that just escalated the pain in my head.

I was working just the one job when I first was pregnant. I was on the markdowns team 1at Ross which meant I was there between 6-7am 3-4 days a week scanning the entire store with my price wars gun. When I was first feeling symptoms, pregnancy being the last thing on my mind, my coworkers listened to me complaining and let me know that I was pregnant. I was in denial and remained in denial until a nurse told me I definitely was. So I’ll be honest.. typing that sentence made me smile a lot, so finding out I was pregnant was definitely one of my favorite parts of being pregnant.

I got a second job around July, 5 months pregnant at this point, working as (basically) a receptionist at a dog hotel. That is the job that I ended up 5keeping after having my baby because I absolutely love it and I am pretty good at it, I think. I stayed at the hotel until a week before my due date. The Saturday that I went into labor was a Saturday I would’ve worked had I not already taken it off. If I would’ve worked that Wednesday, I probably would’ve gone into labor then.
One of my managers repeatedly told me if I went into labor at work, she would run….away….far away.

My last work-less week of labor was spent playing video games, eating anything I possibly could and trying to get up in time to pee.



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