Four Months??! (& Pet Peeves)

Apparently next Tuesday the 11th makes 4 months since I had Christopher. If I didn’t already know that I would think you’re lying. I can’t believe how time is flying by. They always say it will, but you don’t realize it until it’s happening.

The number 1 unwanted thing that comes with having a baby is advice from other people. They’ll give it to you when you’re pregnant, they’ll give it to you when you’re in labor and they’ll give it to you after your baby is born. Funny thing is you’ll always hear the mantra “It’s your baby, you know best”. Okay….then why does everyone keep telling me what is best? *cue eye roll* I just wanted to touch base on my pet peeves when it comes to having and raising a baby.

  • Caffeine and pregnancy
    • Alright this wasn’t a problem for me until I started desperately craving Pepsi which was extra weird because I had previously drank Pepsi maybe twice in my 25 years of life.
    • What bothered me about this was one night my husband got off work and asked me if I wanted anything. I needed a Pepsi (there was no want when it came to my cravings, it was all need). I asked him to grab me a can on his way home. He gets home and proceeds to tell me that he mentioned to his friend on the phone that he was just at the store grabbing me a can of Pepsi. That persons family member went off on a diatribe about caffeine and pregnancy.
    • First of all, it’s my baby, my body, my pregnancy. Second of all, before even eating an extra piece of chocolate I looked up how much caffeine I could have while pregnant. I didn’t drink coffee (even while working between 6 and 7am five days a week), I drank green and black tea seldomly. I also misread the recommended dosage as being 200mg a week rather than 200mg a day. Third of all, it’s none of your damn business, stop lecturing my husband, give me a Pepsi.
  • Pain Medication and Labor
    • The most annoying thing that happened to me was people constantly asking what kind of pain medication I was going to use. I just don’t feel like it’s anybodys business except mine, my midwife and my husband.
    • I had a vaginal pain medication free birth plan as long as I was okay enough to do so. Telling people I was not going to get an epidural with my first baby made them say “You’re crazy”, “You’re so brave” or just ask a simple “why?”.
    • I wasn’t crazy. I didn’t see it as brave. I chose to go without pain medication for personal reasons and that was that.
    • I also hated the people who didn’t believe me who would say “you’re going to ask for it after the first contraction”. You know what, you little haters.. I never did.
  • Umbilical Cord
    • All you need to know
      • don’t pull it, it will fall off on its own
      • what you see is most likely normal
        • unless it smells
        • is distended
        • has a bad discharge
        • has a red ring around it
      • keep it dry
      • don’t bathe your baby until it’s fallen off
      • and for the love of god, don’t clean it with alcohol
        • fine that’s just my opinon
        • but people will tell you to do this
  • Breastfeeding vs Formula
    • I’m not going to get into how big of a debate this is. I’m just going to say I don’t like when strangers ask if you’re breastfeeding or feeding formula. Once again, none of your business.
  • Feeding in General
    • Your baby should be eating this much this often.
    • Your baby WILL tell you when s/he is hungry and will stop eating when s/he is full.
    • Everyone and their mother, literally, will let you know when the best time to start eating solid foods is. I had someone tell me my 2.5 month old wasn’t very active (he’s a pretty quiet baby unless my husband or I are around stimulating him usually) and that I should give him a lollipop…. what?
    • It’s recommended to introduce solids starting at 6 months when your baby can (generally) hold them selves up without support and their digestive system is a little bit more matured. That’s what I plan to do. Stop telling me to give him baby food. Stop telling me to put rice cereal in his bottle.
    • I’ll do it when he is ready.
  • Car Seats
    • don’t add anything extra to it. just don’t. this isn’t me giving advice, this is me being concerned for you babies safety. also, insurance will not cover you if there’s anything that didn’t come stock with the car seat.
    • if you can pinch the straps, tighten them.
    • if your baby is fussy trying to put them in the car seat, still tighten them if they’re loose. safety over happiness in this instance! s/he will most likely be asleep in the next 10 minutes.
  • Isn’t s/he cold?
    • This is so annoying. I hear this so much, at least once a day so much. You say I know my baby, then trust me.. I know when he’s cold. He lets me know if he’s cold. I can tell when he’s cold. And guess what..I know that if i’m cold, he’s probably freezing. Thank you for telling me…repeatedly.
  • You Will Spoil Your Baby
    • You can’t spoil a baby. Thank you.
















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