My Husband Cried Yesterday…

I actually didn’t even realize he was crying at first. He had just gotten home from work and walked into the room where he saw me playing with Christopher. Chris was on the bed and I was leaning over him making noises while he giggled and squealed. I stepped to the side and got back on the bed to let Marcos come in and say hi to our baby. After taking half a second to recognize the change in faces, Chris was back to squealing and laughing at his dad.

I was scrolling through Netflix when I heard Marcos say “4 months and I’m just now realizing…” He trailed off and I looked up to see him wiping tears from his eyes. My big strong 6’2 weight lifting soccer playing Mexican man was crying at the sight of a baby. At the sight of our baby. How do my own tears not start welling up at the sight of this? Seeing the two of them interact makes my crappy days sooo much brighter.


















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