First Time Mom

11 New Baby Must Haves!

Inspired by RaisingAubree!

These are those things that helped us through those first few days. Everyone who reads this…PLEASE LOOK AT BABY REGISTRIES. I didn’t spend hours and hours and hours just for 3 people to actually look at what we wanted/needed and get that. More than likely, they have more clothes than they will need (I know we do). These are the things we have (bought as well as given to us) that helped the most in the first couple weeks with our baby.

  1. Sleepytime Shampoo/Body Wash
    We didn’t really use the lotion, but two different people bought us the sleepy time shampoo and body wash. Chris didn’t care too much for the lotion (and honestly…babies don’t really need it). However…when he had a long day and was deciding he was having an all out war against going to sleep, a nice warm bath knocked him right out. This smells amazing and makes his skin and hair so so so soft. This particular set is $9.99 at Target. The bigger bottles are $4.99.
  2. Wash Cloths!
    These, from Target, are my favorite! They’re useful for everything, especially since my baby eats like a crazy little savage and refuses to even attempt not to spill. They’re super soft, super absorbent and always come out super clean. They’re super! But really…out of all the ones we’ve had and tried, these were my favorite. They’re at Target for $5.99.
  3. Dr. Browns Bottles
    bottleThere’s sample boxes you can get (I’ll link to the ones I signed up for and actually got) and they seem to always include Avent brand 4 ounce bottles. I don’t know if it was just me, but they alwaaaaays leaked. There were few times when they didn’t leak. It was super frustrating. Also, my baby (crazy eater) was always super gassy and got the hiccups a lot after eating, presumably from swallowing too much air. Dr. Browns bottles solved both of these problems (except he still farts like his dad). I just bought one at first from Target for $4.99 then ended up buying the newborn gift set off Amazon for about $20.00. The more, the merrier.
  4. Formula Container
    formulaThanks to the blog mentioned earlier, I picked up one of these! I’m supplementing with formula and have, on several occasions, spilled my precious can of formula all over my diaper bag or whatever I happened to be carrying around. It SUCKED. It gets everywhere, it’s not easy to clean out, and if any moisture comes in contact with the bag…the smell! I bought this nifty little thing off of Amazon for $5.99. It carries enough for 3 8oz bottles and doubles as a snack cup for when Chris is older. I’m sure I’ll end up buying more of these.
  5. Blaaaaaaaaaaankets!
    blanketsSo many blankets! I may or may not have even grabbed 3-4 of the ones that the hospital was having us use to swaddle Chris. I use the super thin ones when I don’t have a wash cloth handy, which is basically always because I lose them like I lose his socks. The thick ones are perfect when he’s asleep on my bed taking a nap, also perfect when he’s in his stroller or in his car seat and it’s chilly. You’ll hear to stock up on receiving blankets for spit up from everyone that know you’re having a baby. We didn’t use them for that only because in 4 months Chris has spit up like 4 times. I have found the best places to buy baby blankets are either Ross, Walmart or just from friends. We got a buuuuunch from friends.
  6. Good Water Bottle
    waterbottle I have a few good water bottles that I use just for when we are out and about and Chris’ bottle needs a refill. I don’t use water fountain water, tap water or water that they’d give you in a restaurant just because water is well…crappy. I just fill one up at home using our water filter and keep a full bottle in our bag just in case. He doesn’t care about the temperature of his bottles so again, lucky us.
  7. Nasal Aspirator
    aspiratorI haven’t gotten a Nose Frida yet, but I definitely need to. Nasal aspirators are a must have though! Babies get sick, it is really just inevitable. I have 3 of these, but the two that work the best are the first blue one pictured that I got from the hospital then a little white one I bought from Target for $1.99 when i couldn’t find the blue one! However…if you do choose, get a Nose Frida (Amazon, Target, Walmart) for around $15.
  8. Safety First Healthcare & Grooming Kit
    groomingThese are sold at Target and at Ross for around $15-20. Ross has the same ones as Target (smaller, more basic ones though that are $10 at Target) for cheaper. These include a travel case for everything, a comb, nail clipper, brush, dispensers for medicine, an okay nasal aspirator, a decent thermometer, emery boards and a toothbrush. Different colors are usually cheaper than the typical pink or blue. Mine is purple!
  9. Co-Sleeper
    sleeperAfter a visit to the pediatrician, it was strongly recommended to me to get a co-sleeper. I was currently bed sharing with Chris and although I was comfortable with it, it scared my husband every night (even though he never once got near him in his sleep). After comparing two popular brands, we settled on this co-sleeper from Amazon for $30. At first, Chris wouldn’t stay asleep long in it, then he slept through the night in it. It’s super easy to set up and transport. We took it with us to a trip to Mexico and he didn’t fit on the bed between us like we did at home, so we had him next to the bed in it. Once we got home, I realized he was able to sleep better without being next to us so we transitioned him back into his crib and he’s there now without any nightly fuss other than his 2am wake-up call.
  10. Desitin Diaper CreamdesitinThis is another of those things that will depend on you and your baby, mostly the latter. I used both the Butt Paste and this, this worked soooo much better. Faster, cleaner, smelled better. I even used it to clear up redness in his neck folds from milk that dripped down there during feedings. It clears up in a day. I carry a tube of it with me everywhere. I’m actually at work right now, sans baby, and I think I have half a tube in the bottom of my bag….
  11. Baby Bath Tub
    babybathMy grandma bought us this one for our baby shower. Christopher loves it. I like it as well. It’s pretty small so we have it hanging up in our bathroom above the toilet. I like it because it’s all mesh so I can fill the tub up with a good amount of water so his butt will be in it, that way he doesn’t get too cold. Christopher really enjoys bath time though…unless he gets cold….then it’s bad time for all of us. This one is at Target for $14.99, Walmart for $16 and Amazon for $15.This list is what I used the most besides the obvious (wipes, diapers, formula). Always remember these things depend on your baby as well as what you’re most comfortable with. Some people will just hold their baby and bathe him/her in the sink, that’s okay! Some people only use nursery water, that’s okay! Every baby and very mom is different.

These are a few things we never or rarely used.

  • burp cloths – Chris just doesn’t spit up, I like receiving blankets better for their multiple uses
  • baby powder – it isn’t recommended to use anymore, we have three unopened containers.
  • wipe warmer – it just isn’t necessary.
  • diaper genie – i honestly just think they’re a waste. I have a regular trash can that we take out.
  • bibs – i figure these will come in handy once he’s older. but he would fall asleep with it on and i’d wake him up taking it off.
  • baby mittens and hats – he hated the mittens and his head was always too big for hats, they didn’t stay on.
  • pacifier – he never took one, but babies usually do.
  • stand alone changing table – we have one connected to our crib, if we didn’t i wouldn’t get a standalone one, you can change your baby anywhere and everywhere…and you will.

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