PPD & Me

I feel like I’m not moving. 

I feel like I’m in quicksand. 

I feel lost.

I feel crowded.

I feel like a puzzle with only the outside filled in.

I feel like a burden.

I feel ignored.

I feel like I’m not doing enough.

I feel like I’m doing everything wrong.

I feel like a problem.

I feel frozen.

I feel physical pain.

I feel frustrated.

I feel impatient.

I feel alone.

I feel needy.

people keep asking what’s wrong and that just makes me feel more uncomfortable and makes close up more. talking about it makes me feel worse. I had to walk around my living room for 10 minutes tonight so I wouldn’t just sit down and cry. I wasn’t prepared for how hard this would be. it’s hard to get through to other people. I wholeheartedly believe nobody else understands therefore nobody can help. I’ve gotta pick myself back up from the bottom of the drain I’m super glued to.. I’m just having a hard time doing that.


1 thought on “PPD & Me”

  1. I’m not to ask what’s wrong because people have done that to me and it really doesn’t help at all…all I will say is if you ever need to talk cry scream yell cuss or anything else I am here for you because I definitely still have the where I feel down and alone and just being able to talk to another mom weather I ranted or just talked it helped me feel better so just know I’m here for you Chicka love you ❤


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