“Go do stuff”

I need mom friends. I always hear about these mom groups, but I’ve never bothered looking into finding one. I’m too shy to make new friends.

Why isn’t life like high school where it’s super easy to make friends. 

My husband spends more time away from home than he does at home: somehow he’s found it possible to go the the gym or go on a 2-3 hour bike ride then go to work.

He tells me to find a hobby

When am I supposed to do that lol. I work 8-4 on Saturdays and Sundays then take my mom to work as soon as I get home then I have Chris for the night because my husband is at work. 

I’m somehow stuck running errands after work on Mondays/Tuesdays brcause…well because I know if I don’t grocery shop, nobody will. If I dont cook, nobody will. If I don’t do random small time consuming things, nobody will.

By the time I get home I’m missing Christopher so I spend time with him while watching TV. I don’t want the only time I see my kid is when I’m putting him to sleep. 

Wednesday’s vary. Today I worked 8-4 as usual, got home and was able to spend about 2 hours to myself playing video games. I took breaks in between just to say hi to Chris.. It makes me feel shitty just sitting in here while he’s out there in the living room laughing and playing. After that, I organized his clothes a bit, I’ve been trying to separate sizes.

By then (730ish) my mom was tired and ready to go home, I offered to get her dinner on the way. I knew I needed to go to target to get medicine because I’ve been feeling shitty for a day and a half. I got home around 9. Now, I feel like crap. I’m tired. Hungry. He’s wide awake. 

Thursdays and Fridays also vary, but either way I’ll be having him the whole day both days because as I said he goes gym or bike ride early morning. I’m sure we will end up doing laundry tomorrow. I need to hit the grocery store. I still feel like crap.

Where is there time to do something that’s just for me? I don’t see it. Maybe I’m just complaining. I don’t know. I don’t care anymore. I just wish there was another me so everything I know I need to do would get done.


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