About Me & My Baby Journey.

My name is Heather..clearly.

I’ll be 26 years young on the 28th of March and I am a first time mom. I married my best friend on June 25, 2015 after having been dating since June 25, 2010 and knowing each other since 8th grade in 2004. After weaning off of the depo-provera birth control injection, my husband and I decided we would be ‘not not’ trying to have a baby.

Everything changed on an unusually stuffy day in late April. I had been feeling really sick for about 2 weeks, nauseous but not throwing up, when my husband finally convinced me to go get a checkup at Planned Parenthood. I waited for the nurse to come in who asks “When was your last period”. I drew a blank. I sat there thinking it should’ve been earlier this month..wait, did I have a period last month? Wait, what about the month before? I couldn’t remember for the life of me. So, pregnancy test it was. The nurse walked back into the room and asks me to follow her to another room, this scared the crap outta me! She sits me down and says “You’re pregnant!”

A little (really really personal) back story that most people are not aware of: I dated this awful guy named Billy my senior year of high school. He was a crappy boyfriend, crappy person and a crappy liar. He would end up dumping me right before he was deployed, he was a Marine, claiming he didn’t want anybody to worry about him. Sure, whatever bud. A few months later, I got an email from a girl who had gotten in contact with me via MySpace. Turns out she was Billy’s other girlfriend. We talked a little and matched up dates (when I wasn’t with him, she was and vice versa). Another couple months pass and I got another email, this time from her mom saying her daughter tested positive for Chlamydia and Billy was the only person she’d been with. I was 18 and pretty damn dumb, so I thought nothing of it. A year and a half later, 6 months into the relationship with my husband, I started having a lot of pain during sex. Turns out, I had it too. I had it for a year and a half without knowing. I was getting routinely tested for HIV, but nothing else since I was in a monogamous relationship. An awkward conversation with my then super understanding boyfriend and a few pills for a few days later, I was fine.

There were too many instances where my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex and nothing came of it. A PP doctor told me I would have a hard time getting pregnant, if I was even able to, due to the damage that this dormant disease did. I have never told anybody this entire story, not a single soul, so feel special.

After I was told I was pregnant, I got back into my car and cried. By their estimate (based off of me struggling to remember when my period was) I was around 12 weeks pregnant. I immediately went to Walmart and bought a bottle of prenatal vitamins and a Darth Vader Father’s day card. My husband was debating on taking a half-day, so I texted him and said he should and I’d go pick him up. I gave him the test results inside the card while we were driving home. He cried and my heart melted.

We called my dad, his best friend Luis and his mom right away, then my brother and our roommate later that night. We took my mother out to dinner for Mothers day to tell her.

Besides staring at my gorgeous 3 month old, I enjoy playing Xbox, reading, writing, cooking and baking. The grocery store is my happy place. I would love to have another baby before I’m 30, but at the same time I would be perfectly happy if I didn’t. Christopher is amazing and we are over the moon with joy around him.


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