First Time Mom

11 New Baby Must Haves!

Inspired by RaisingAubree! These are those things that helped us through those first few days. Everyone who reads this...PLEASE LOOK AT BABY REGISTRIES. I didn't spend hours and hours and hours just for 3 people to actually look at what we wanted/needed and get that. More than likely, they have more clothes than they will… Continue reading 11 New Baby Must Haves!

First Time Mom

Things I Wish Would’ve Been Emphasized

These are just some things I wish people would've emphasized about having a baby. Feedings > Crying Let me just start off by saying I had some misconceptions about babies. I thought parents didn't get much sleep because their baby was up crying all night. That's not actually true, at least it wasn't for us,… Continue reading Things I Wish Would’ve Been Emphasized