“Go do stuff”

I need mom friends. I always hear about these mom groups, but I've never bothered looking into finding one. I'm too shy to make new friends. Why isn't life like high school where it's super easy to make friends.  My husband spends more time away from home than he does at home: somehow he's found… Continue reading “Go do stuff”


Positive Affirmations.

Sometimes.. That's all you need. Sometimes that's what will make or break you. Sometimes the lack of positive reinforcement is what will break you. Sometimes the lack of appreciation will break you. Sometimes the lack of consideration will break you. Most times.. Something will always break you.  My PPD has been back for a few… Continue reading Positive Affirmations.


My Husband Cried Yesterday…

I actually didn't even realize he was crying at first. He had just gotten home from work and walked into the room where he saw me playing with Christopher. Chris was on the bed and I was leaning over him making noises while he giggled and squealed. I stepped to the side and got back… Continue reading My Husband Cried Yesterday…